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What is a dojo? A coderdojo is a club where children and youth aged 7 to 17 can come and learn to code in a friendly, child-led, open, informal, inclusive and creative atmosphere. They learn to code

  • apps
  • websites
  • games
  • robots
  • and generally explore the new tech.

In Japanese, a ‘dojo’ is the place where we look for the way. In an analogy with the martial arts, CoderDojos are meant as paths to master programming. And the analogy does not stop there: our young participants are our ‘ninjas’; our volunteer mentors – are our senseis; and we award belts as well – except – ours are bracelets of different colours, depending on the level of coding mastery reached.

What programs / languages / technologies will I be able to learn? You will be able to explore countless things – Scratch, AppInventor, Python, robotics etc.

Where can I find a CoderDojo? We currently have to active Dojos:

  • Saturday morning in Bischheim – open to all
  • a second one running on Friday afternoons at the Council of Europe – aimed at CoE staff’s children.

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