Clubs gratuits de programmation

Clubs gratuits de programmation

pour les jeunes de 7 a 17 ans
Kid / teen

So you’re interested in coding, that’s great! Please come back often – we will continuously update this page. For the time being, here are some ressources to get you started:


You are interesting in introducing your child to programming – that’s wonderful news! You are definitely in the right place. You’ll find here all you need to know.


You find the idea of getting kids 7 to 17 to discover coding exciting? So do we! Join our volunteer team – there’s something for every skillset: coding, communication, admin etc.


Like us, you know that getting kids to learn to code is super important and urgent – and you’d like to support us in our quest? That’s great, thanks a lot – we need all the help we can get. Click here for details.